June 24-25, 2017

Hosted By Seattle Sounders FC

$20,000 API Package for Winner!!!

Welcome: Sports Enthusiast

Join the Seattle Sports Tech Meetup for our 2nd annual Hackathon at Galvanize Seattle hosted by the Seattle Sounders FC with data provided by Sportradar. We’re seeking teams and individuals who have a desire to contribute to the integration of technology with sports. We've confirmed that 1st place for the event will be a $20,000 API package from Sportradar! Other notable prizes include 4 tickets to an upcoming Seattle Storm home game and 4 tickets to an upcoming Seattle Sounders FC home match.

Our judges have been confirmed: Alyse LaHue, Seattle Storm, Grant Farwell, Matcherino and Anna Gordon, Seattle University. We'll finish the event with a watch party during the Sounders FC match vs. Portland Timbers. Sportradar will be providing open access to their API for participating teams, and the Sounders will be hosting live events at the Ninety. Come participate in building the future of sports technology with the Seattle Sports Tech Meetup. Make friends, write code, and you might just create the next big thing.


A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.[1] Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well. Hackathons typically last between a day and a week. Some hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language used, the operating system, an application, an API, or the subject and the demographic group of the programmers. In other cases, there is no restriction on the type of software being created.

The Meetup

A group of sports fans, entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, engineers, etc., who are meeting to examine and learn about the intersection of sports and technology in the Seattle area.

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Joel Carben   Nick Hughes   Taylor Soper    
Bill Johnson   Fredrick Thorton   Joseph Bengtson   Matt Korpela


From left to right, top to bottom

  • Joel Carben
  • Nick Hughes
  • Taylor Soper
  • Bill Johnson
  • Fredrick Thorton
  • Joseph Bengtson
  • Matt Korpela



8:00am: [Ninety] Registration Opens + Light Breakfast
Name tags should have stickers to denote skill sets (dev, design, biz, data)

9:00am: [Ninety] Intro/Sponsors by the Organizers
9:10am: Intro / Logistics
9:20am: Sportradar - Cody Haugen #1 (10 min talk)
9:30am: Introduce Nick/Joel M.C. - Review pitch format / rules / judging criteria

10:00am: [Ninety] Pitches Begin - 60 seconds per pitch
(Project name, idea, vision for idea, what you need help with)

10:30am: Team Formation and Space Assignment - Limit 4 per team

11:00am: [Ninety>>>Galvanize] Participants begin begin work

1:00pm: [Galvanize] Lunch

4:00-6:00pm: [Galvanize] Mentor Session Required for all teams

6:00pm: [Ninety] Dinner & drinks

7:10pm: [Galvanize] Streaming: Mariners vs Astros

10:00pm: [Galvanize] Doors Close



9am: [Galvanize] Doors open for Breakfast (grab-n-go), Resume work

11:00am-1:00pm: [Galvanize] Coaching / Mentorship / Demos available

1:00pm: [Galvanize] Lunch (Grab-n-go)

1:00pm-5:00pm: [Galvanize] Presentation Coaching / Walkthroughs

1:10pm: [Galvanize] Streaming: Mariners vs Astros

3:00pm-5:00pm: [Ninety] TechCheck mandatory for all teams
Ensure: Functionality complete, practicing presentation, work focused on fit ‘n’ finish

5:00pm: [Galvanize] Galvanize closed. Deadline to submit deck (Google Slide), stop working

5:00pm: [Ninety] Dinner

6:00pm: [Ninety] Presentations Start - 3/3 Demos (3 minutes, 3 questions)

7:00 pm: [Ninety] Live Broadcast Coverage Begins: Sounders @ Timbers

7pm: [Ninety] Winners Announced - Best overall = $20,000, Best Product = Best UX, Best Value Prop = Best Business Opportunity

7:30 pm: [Ninety] Viewing Party: Sounders @ Timbers